Meet Harriet

While the work often gets all of the attention, we at RSE know that the true value of our agency is in the people that make it run. Through our regular series of interviews, we hope to introduce you to the women and men behind the billboards and press releases.

Name: Harriet Saks
Title: Information Systems Director
What you wish your title was: Benevolent Dictator (wait… I thought that was your title?)
Background: I try to keep it neutral (shade of white or gray) so that anything I put on it stands out
Years at RSE: almost 25
What was your first account/assignment at RSE: I started here as a freelance art director and I recall working on a lot of Sutter Health projects
Most memorable logo/ad/pr campaign: New NBC logo in the mid-70s – I was a co-op student at the New York design firm that created the logo, only to find out that a small public broadcasting station in the Midwest had created the same logo only with different colors — I remember an entire locked room that held all the materials created because it was headed for court – but it ended up with an out-of-court settlement
What is on your mouse pad? Nothing, I don’t like to show favoritism (unless its toward me)
Craziest/coolest thing you’ve ever done for a client: Flew to St. Louis for a one-day press check
If money and time weren’t an issue, what passion would you pursue? Travel – I would love to go back to Africa and there are so many other places I’ve never been that I’d like to see – gives you a whole different perspective on the world
Where do you call home? Midtown
What is your favorite aspect of “agency life”? The action – either from doing a bunch of different tasks or from the buzz created by all the busy folks around me
I heart BASEBALL and great typography
What is the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? I haven’t worn one since I was a kid, but I always thought my ice cream vendor get-up was pretty snazzy
You have a 10 minute speech to give at a high school. What is it about? The virtues of becoming a Peace Corps volunteer
One brand you can’t live without. Sudafed – the real stuff – nothing else helps those extra bad allergy days
Who inspires you? Doctors without Borders
What is your proudest moment? Finally finishing my Masters degree – it seems like it took forever (it almost did)
Never have I ever Been arrested. (or have you?)

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