Our dreamers and doers

We are passionate people–a boisterous blend of seasoned
pros and budding talent. This diverse mixture means we are constantly learning from each other. We keep each other sharp—and grounded.

Every department collaborates on behalf of clients and their campaigns. Despite our different backgrounds, we do have a few things in common, namely our involvement in the community, our appetite for results and our enduring love for birthday cake.

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  • Ali Zamanian
  • Alicia Chatman
    Alicia Chatman

    Human Resources Manager
    SDSU grad with minors in Journalism and PR. Science Fiction enthusiast and lover of books. Sky diver, expert crock potter, and superb party thrower. RSE-er since 2016.

  • Allie Delehant
    Allie Delehant

    Public Relations Account Assistant

    A Gonzaga graduate with the best guacamole making skills. The truest form of dog lover, and avid fan of Gonzaga basketball. RSE-er since 2015.

  • Beth Shaini
    Beth Shaini

    Media Supervisor

    Media juggler. Digital diva with droves of deadlines. Mrs. Pickles. Stockton native. UCSB grad. Fierce friend and formidable foe. RSE-er since 2010.

  • Brei Thompson
    Brei Thompson

    Originally from Burnsville, MN this University of Wisconsin–Superior graduate enjoys kicking field goals and eating dessert. She hopes to someday hike the Sutter Buttes, the smallest mountain chain in the world. RSE-er since 2015.

  • Brian Hellam
    Brian Hellam

    Art Director

    Appreciates the invention of chocolate, and literally comes from the Seaside. Loves Michael Beirut, Ron Swanson and is a classically trained trombonist. RSE-er since 2015.

  • Brianna Redmond
    Brianna Redmond

    Production Coordinator

    Runs the show. Hyper-organized, saint of a coworker, keeps us all in line. Traffic coordinator with a love of baseball, Canadians, crossfit and the occasional donut. RSE-er since 2009.

  • Cathy Grewing
    Cathy Grewing

    Office Manager / Senior Executive Assistant

    A whole lot of lady in a small package. RV-er. Thoughtful gift giver. Giants season opener. Purse buyer. Keeps the office running. Super organized, super helpful. RSE-er since 2003.

  • Chris Holben
    Chris Holben

    President – Director of Public Relations

    Chris Holben is a natural born communicator. So it was only natural that in 1991, at the age of 31, he ran for office in his home state of Michigan. And if not for a few hanging chads, he just might have won. Fortunately, he was able to scratch his political itch as a business and marketing adviser to Governor Pete Wilson, whom he also worked for during Wilson’s days in the U.S. senate.

    These days, Chris works a few blocks east of the Capitol building at the RSE offices in midtown Sacramento, where he manages the business and RSE’s public relations team, oversees business development, and provides strategic counsel on behalf of existing clients.

  • Cole Alexander
    Cole Alexander

    Account Manager

    Cheese-loving Sacramento Surge soccer player, Missouri State grad and recovering NHL 2015 addict. Fairly good former knitter who can recite the alphabet backwards while juggling a soccer ball. Event planner and wannabe watch builder. RSE-er since 2015

  • Cortney Ceccato
    Cortney Ceccato

    Account Manager

    Audrey Hepburn admirer. Soccer star and sparkle enthusiast. Partial to Paris. Changes her iPhone case to match her outfit. Sac native with an affinity for oldies and turtles. RSE-er since 2014.

  • Dalton McNeely
    Dalton McNeely

    Administrative Assistant
    Singer, actor and painter who loves DIYing old furniture and making friends. Obsessed with his pup and music. Most likely to become famous in the office. RSE-er since 2015.

  • Daniel Senecka
    Daniel Senecka

    Community Liaison

    Bay Area native. Obsessed with correcting grammar. Bossy, in a good way. Attached to his Moleskin notebook. Loves good public transportation and finding new attractions when traveling. RSE-er since 2015.

  • David Huey
    David Huey


    Best waver. Risk taker. Controller. Collector. Grill master. Loves music, including the occasional hip hop jam. Waste not, want not. RSE-er since 2004.

  • Elizabeth Corbitt
    Elizabeth Corbitt

    Account Supervisor

    Oklahoma native, Colorado resident, party planner, Netflixer and occasional skier. Twin, traveler, and takeout orderer. Can’t live without TV and mascara. Organized and outgoing. RSE-er since 2013

  • Emily Frei
    Emily Frei

    PR/Advertising Writer

    Intern turned PR assistant turned staff writer. Humor, sarcasm and knack for friendly ridicule. Club fishbowl founder, bike-to-worker, hip-hop enthusiast. Undefeated in staring contests. RSE-er since 2012.

  • Greg Ries
    Greg Ries

    Senior Art Director

    Bike-riding art director. Bearded. Clad in plaid. Talented t-shirt designer. Brings brilliant baked goods (made by The Wife) and clever quips to the creative department. RSE-er since 2008.

  • Harriet Saks
    Harriet Saks

    Information Systems Director

    Baseball lover, world explorer, IT director. Wannabe curmudgeon. Baby whisperer. Former art director, avid art collector. Keeps her finger on the pulse and her eyes on the troublemakers. RSE-er since 1986.

  • Jonathan Bolivar
    Jonathan Bolivar

    Digital Strategist

    A transplant from Los Alamos, NM who loves New Mexican green chilies. Spends his time growing grapes, making wine and taking care of his 6 chickens. A lover of USC football and waking up early. RSE-er since 2015.

  • Joshua Chilton
    Joshua Chilton
  • Kari McKinney
    Kari McKinney

    Art Director

    Often seen hanging around Harriet’s candy bowl. RSE’s original vegetarian never travels without her pillow. Ask to hear her squeaky eye. RSE-er since 2015.

  • Karla Fung
    Karla Fung

    Social Media Manager

    Serious networker, law abider, prize winner. Reliable news source. Knows almost as many people as Jane. Lover of online forums, rescue dogs and really, really good food. An RSE-er since 2010.

  • Kat Haro
    Kat Haro

    Digital Project Manager

  • Kathleen Smith
    Kathleen Smith

    Managing Supervisor

    Community connector. Gluten-free baker and taster. Jean’s beloved assistant. Scott’s babysitter. ToP groupie. Just needs a good book, good wine, and furry friends Bella and Mitchell. RSE-er since 1992.

  • Kathy Brady
    Kathy Brady

    Senior Media Buyer

    Media veteran and connoisseur. Trend setter, savvy shopper, pet owner, vagabond. Worked on a Hollywood film set.  Turned a childhood love affair with television into a 30+ year media career (and counting). RSE-er since 1997.

  • Kelley Kent
    Kelley Kent

    Media Director

    Master media planner, just needs a budget. Directs the department. Congenial but fierce on behalf of clients and friends. Born on a boat, and recently empty-nested. An RSE-er since 2009.

  • Kelsey Caldwell
    Kelsey Caldwell

    Account Assistant

    Apple crisp baker and hostess with the mostess. Yearly Mouseketeer and all things Disney. Mother of two. Scrapbooker. CSUC Wildcat. Reality TV lover when she’s not enjoying tea parties with her 4 YO. RSE-er since 2016.

  • Kevin Sheehan
    Kevin Sheehan

    Accounting Manager

    Knows the system back, forth, up and down. Great memory. Former burner. Live music lover. Calm. Quiet. Go-to for all things numbers-related. RSE-er since 1999.

  • Koula Gianulias
    Koula Gianulias

    Media Specialist

    Recovering reporter, anchor and producer. Well versed. Well read. Calm under pressure. Recognized from Reno to Redding to LA. Unique. Hardworking. Greek. RSE-er since 2013.

  • Kristen Pope
    Kristen Pope
  • Lana Phillips
  • Laura Berruezo
    Laura Berruezo

    Art Director

    Sac State grad who likes to sew. Obsessed with all things Italian. Shoe collector. Vespa owner. RSE-er since 2012.

  • Leslie Valdivia
    Leslie Valdivia
  • Lindsay McHugh
    Lindsay McHugh

    Account Manager

    DIY and Reality TV lover with a dream to visit all of the MLB stadiums across the country. Baking extraordinaire, country music listener and half marathon runner. RSE-er since 2015.

  • Mandy Hwang
    Mandy Hwang

    Account Assistant
    Decadent apple pie baker. Extreme foodie and lover of travel. Ultimate goal: Visit Disney parks worldwide. Also a local baseball enthusiast and CSUS grad that believes ice cream is life. RSE-er since 2016

  • Maria Palacios
    Maria Palacios


    Soccer player. Dog lover. SF Giants and Sacramento Kings fanatic. President of the Bruno Mars fan club. Shower singer. Lover of all music. Reality TV viewer. RSE-er since 2016.

  • Maria Perez
    Maria Perez

    Traffic Coordinator

    A dark chocolate lover from Chicago, IL. Avid cellphone TV watcher and dedicated swim team mom. Dreams of visiting the pyramids in Mexico City and Paris. RSE-er since 2015.

  • Mariana Baserga
    Mariana Baserga

    Account Supervisor

    Bilingual pinballer and LA local with a lasting love for world travel, dirty martinis and BBQ ribs. Scandal watcher, Presidential hand-shaker, San Gabriel Mountain hiker, biker chick and UC Riverside grad who excels at karaoke and quoting The Sound of Music. RSE-er since 2014.

  • Matt Z'berg
    Matt Z'berg

    Public Relations / Media Relations Specialist

    Pitching machine. Tennis player. Dreidel master. Sacramento royalty. Well dressed and well connected. Always keeps that California cool. Doesn’t recognize the word “no.” RSE-er since 2005.

  • Meghan Felice
    Meghan Felice

    Production Artist

    Hofstra University grad. Boston Red Sox fan. Chicken cordon bleu cook extraordinare. Dog lover. Hiker. Jewelry maker. Sacramento Kings fan. Lover of concerts big and small. RSE-er since 2016.

  • Meredith Reilly
    Meredith Reilly

    Account Manager

    A Sacramento native who loves her tiny pup and Diet Coke. Spends her time Biking, making wreaths, and shopping. Obsessed with fashion blogs, cheese, and sloths. RSE-er since 2015.

  • Michelle McIntosh
    Michelle McIntosh

    Account Manager

    Takes projects and runs with them. Super-involved, professional association joiner with a weakness for all things orange. Online shopper in true Einhorn form. An RSE-er since 2010.

  • Molly Harcos
    Molly Harcos

    Managing Supervisor

    Full of sass. Mother of three. Loves to cook. Whips up something new every week. Stylish shopper. Good hair. Lady that lunches. RSE-er since 1998.

  • Paul McClure
    Paul McClure

    Principal – Advertising Director

    Paul McClure is one of those rare advertising professionals with experience on both sides of the conference table. He started his career with some of the largest advertising firms on the West Coast, then flipped to the client side and spent three years with Bally’s Total Fitness. Eventually he rose to become vice president and co-owner of Glass McClure Advertising in Sacramento. Fortunately for us, Paul brought his expertise to RSE in April of 2010.

    Currently, Paul spends time out of the office as vice chair for WIND Youth Services and a charter board member of the Positive Coaching Alliance. He has also served on the boards and committees of several other organizations. As if that isn’t enough, Paul is also an avid cycler—in fact, that may be the only time he actually sits down.

  • Phil Milton
    Phil Milton

    Administrative Assistant

    Mayor. Agency-wide surrogate father. Soft spot for bulldogs and BBQ. Family man. Jane’s handyman. Storyteller. Driver of the RSE work whip. Loves the coast but you won’t catch him in the water. RSE-er since 1996.

  • Rachel Behrmann
    Rachel Behrmann

    Media Assistant

    Resident lacrosse coach. Loves photography and is a tech geek. RSE-er since 2015.

  • Raymond Reed
    Raymond Reed

    Accounting Assistant
    Sacramento transplant and walnut farmer. Our self-proclaimed juggling genius and fantasy football professional. Goal is to visit every MLB park. RSE-er since 2016.

  • Rosa Guerrero
    Rosa Guerrero

    Account Manager

    Los Angeles resident. UCLA grad. Hiker. Pop music traffic jam choreographer. Cheese, wine and Beyonce aficionado. Has traveled to 22 countries in the past 7 years. RSE-er since 2016.

  • Sandy Nelson
    Sandy Nelson

    Senior Graphic Designer

    Sunshine-spreader, art director, lover of color, order and convertibles. Just the person you’d want to see in a deserted alley late at night. RSE-er since 2000.

  • Sean Arnston
    Sean Arnston


    Video guy with a knack for piloting drones and devouring baby back ribs. Obsessed with sports, gummy bears (but never gummy worms) and Netflix. His lifelong ambition is to win “So You Think You Can Dance.” What can we say, the guy’s got talent.

  • Shanti Fitzpatrick
    Shanti Fitzpatrick

    Accounting Specialist

    Seasoned RSE veteran. Avid traveler. Dedicated Kings and 49ers fan. Social butterfly with a camera. Candy stasher. RSE-er since 1985.

  • Stacie Lewis
    Stacie Lewis

    Account Assistant
    Cart wheeler, expert giggler, Britney Spears karaoke singer and pug lover. Graduate from the University of Oregon who enjoys cooking, fashion and hopes to someday win the Amazing Race. RSE-er since 2015.

  • Stephanie Holzman
    Stephanie Holzman

    Media Planner / Buyer

    Cake server, party planner, mini-van driver, Disneyland lover. Buyer of oh so many different mediums. Bookworm in the true Runyon mold. RSE-er since 2005.

  • Steve Fong
    Steve Fong

    Creative Director

    Super hero. Troop leader. Creative director. Happy-hour instigator. Sometimes suffers from phantom hair syndrome. Up for anything, particularly when it involves a taco stand. RSE-er since 2012.

  • Susan Bringas
    Susan Bringas

    Managing Supervisor

    Kickboxer, swimmer and spicy food fiend. LA local, USC grad and Clippers fan. Hot sauce addict, experienced juror and aspiring marathon runner. Can’t cook, can clean. RSE-er since 2014.

  • Tina Tafoya
    Tina Tafoya

    Production Director

    Not allowed to leave. Ever. Again. Institutional knowledge and a dry sense of humor. Chipotle lover, fiesta maker, production manager. RSE-er since 1987 and 1994.

  • Toni Cooke

    Digital Media Planner & Buyer

  • Vicki Mattocks
    Vicki Mattocks

    Senior Media Buyer

    Charmer and master negotiator. Daily walker. Deal hunter. Animal lover. Fan of cooking and photographing the results. Tells it like it is. RSE-er since 2004.

  • Vicky Lelash
    Vicky Lelash

    Managing Director, Southern California

    RSE So Cal’s fearless leader. Sharp negotiator, audio book worm and 80’s ballad lover with an affinity for unusual classes and public health. Birthday cake baker and mother of three boys. RSE-er since 2014.

  • Vikki McDonald
    Vikki McDonald

    Art Director

    Best Brit in the office. Scottish lass, lover of tea and miniature horses. Brilliant collaborator. Warm water drinker. Wearer of inappropriately warm garb. An RSE-er since 2012.

  • Will Holbert
    Will Holbert

    Media Relations Manager

    RSE resident writer. Fisherman. Oregon grad. Bike rider. PR pro, journalist at heart. Go-to for all things literary. Wears stress in hair. An RSE-er since 1998.

  • Will Oller