Our dreamers and doers

We are passionate people–a boisterous blend of seasoned
pros and budding talent. This diverse mixture means we are constantly learning from each other. We keep each other sharp—and grounded.

Every department collaborates on behalf of clients and their campaigns. Despite our different backgrounds, we do have a few things in common, namely our involvement in the community, our appetite for results and our enduring love for birthday cake.

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    Ali Zamanian
  • Alicia Chatman
    Alicia Chatman

    Human Resources Manager

    SDSU grad with minors in Journalism and PR. Science Fiction enthusiast and lover of books. Sky diver, expert crock potter, and superb party thrower. RSE-er since 2016.

  • Allie Delehant
    Allie Delehant

    Account Supervisor

    A Gonzaga graduate with the best guacamole making skills. The truest form of dog lover, and avid fan of Gonzaga basketball. RSE-er since 2015.

  • Anthony Lopez
    Anthony Lopez

    Sr. Digital Coordinator

    Texan and Aggie. Burger addict with a talent of creating and writing his own music. Friend of C-3PO and R2-D2. Shameless Cowboy fan who channels his inner Sherlock Holmes during mystery and thriller TV shows. RSE-er since 2020.

  • Ashley Hanes
    Ashley Hanes

    Media Planner

    Aggie. Local transplant and magical vegetarian chef. Extreme Stargazer who dreams of seeing the Northern Lights and Saturn’s rings through a power-scope. Must love music. Must love cats. RSE-er since 2020.

  • Becky Rath
    Becky Rath

    Art Director

    Alaskan-born. Sacramento grown. CSUS grad with a green thumb and a special knack for DIY projects. This perfectly set type, cat obsessed, Trekkie thoroughly enjoys watching advertisements and cannot live without breakfast tea. RSE-er since 2018.

  • Brianna Redmond
    Brianna Redmond

    Production Manager

    Runs the show. Hyper-organized, saint of a coworker, keeps us all in line. Traffic coordinator with a love of baseball, Canadians, crossfit and the occasional donut. RSE-er since 2009.

  • Brittany Puccinelli
    Brittany Puccinelli

    Account Supervisor

    Cal Poly SLO alum and Bay Area transplant. Crime drama and food fanatic. Live music super fan. Determined to master a headstand and eager to travel to Italy someday. Yoga, coffee, beans, repeat. RSE-er since 2019.

  • Cathy Grewing
    Cathy Grewing

    Office Manager / Senior Executive Assistant

    A whole lot of lady in a small package. RV-er. Thoughtful gift giver. Giants season opener. Purse buyer. Keeps the office running. Super organized, super helpful. RSE-er since 2003.

  • Chris Holben
    Chris Holben

    President – Director of Public Relations

    Chris Holben is a natural born communicator. So it was only natural that in 1991, at the age of 31, he ran for office in his home state of Michigan. And if not for a few hanging chads, he just might have won. Fortunately, he was able to scratch his political itch as a business and marketing adviser to Governor Pete Wilson, whom he also worked for during Wilson’s days in the U.S. senate.

    These days, Chris works a few blocks east of the Capitol building at the RSE offices in midtown Sacramento, where he manages the business and RSE’s public relations team, oversees business development, and provides strategic counsel on behalf of existing clients.

  • Cidney Fleming
    Cidney Fleming

    Accounting Coordinator

    This native Portlander and math whiz enjoys unwinding with a Call of Duty match. Driving standard IS the standard for this fan of Apple products and sci-fi movies. Hopes to learn Spanish and travel more in the future. RSE-er since 2021.

  • Claudia Taylor
    Claudia Taylor

    Account Manager

    Ad collector, master playlist maker who prefers coffee without the caffeine. ‘Inconceivable!’ Local improv comedian. Ornithophile who will one day learn how to play the banjo. ‘Rodents of Unusual Size? I don’t think they exist.’ RSE-er since 2020.

  • Daniel Senecka
    Daniel Senecka

    Senior Account Manager

    Bay Area native. Obsessed with correcting grammar. Bossy, in a good way. Attached to his Moleskin notebook. Loves good public transportation and finding new attractions when traveling. RSE-er since 2015.

  • Daniel Tsering
    Daniel Tsering

    Digital Account Manager

    CSUS grad and die-hard Sacramento Kings fan. Drummer. Indulges in sushi and double shot espressos on the daily. A fanatic of “The Office” and spending quality time with family and friends most likely enjoying a wonderful charcuterie plate. RSE-er since 2018.

  • Darcey B. Self
    Darcey B. Self

    Associate Creative Director

    Master bread baker who can’t live without cheese. When she’s not taking calligraphy, watercolor or flower arranging classes, you’ll find her exploring the craft beer scene. Talented drawer, podcast addict and proud Army brat who calls Sacramento home. RSE-er since 2017.

  • David Alvarado
    David Alvarado

    Media Planner

    UCLA Bruin grad, bass guitarist with a passion for music, hiking and all things soccer, including playing and following the English Premier League and La Liga. Movie buff with an uncanny knack for picking out the perfect movie. RSE-er since 2019.

  • Denisse Veron
    Denisse Veron

    Digital Manager

    A native of Mexico via Wisconsin, this dog-obsessed, hot sauce enthusiast is never short on recommendations of cool places to go. If there’s no Cubs game to watch, The Office is an acceptable substitute. RSE-er since 2019.

  • Dominique Beilke
    Dominique Beilke

    Production Artist

    Midwesterner who turns junk into art. A right-handed farmer who has been to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge. Maintains a goal to backpack at least half of the Pacific Crest Trail. She loves cycling, bird watching and gardening. RSE-er since 2017.

  • Elizabeth Bistline
    Elizabeth Bistline

    Senior Account Manager

    East coast born, West coast raised. Sonoma State Cossack. Roller derby veteran, soccer fanatic, pop culture trivia expert and obsessively obsessed with Game of Thrones. Maker of a life-changing marinated feta. RSE-er since 2019.

  • Eric Sweigert
    Eric Sweigert

    Senior Account Coordinator

    Napa native and Aggie alum. International traveler, avid rugby writer and master campfire builder. When not reading or enjoying California trails, he’s listening to podcasts or planning to tackle a new life goal. RSE-er since 2019.

  • Felipe Espino
    Felipe Espino

    Account Coordinator

    Central CA transplant who was destined to be a Kings superfan. Dad joke dropper with restaurant-opening dreams. Plant person in training to become a puppy person. Might spontaneously combust without his PS5. RSE-er since 2021.

  • Hanedi Karajeh
    Hanedi Karajeh

    Account Coordinator

    Sac State grad that believes homemade popcorn tastes better in a matching set of PJ’s. When not creating content for the AMA or Metro EDGE, you’ll find her perfecting her home haircut skills and cauliflower recipes. RSE-er since 2021.

  • India Lott
    India Lott

    Digital Supervisor

    Chi-town transplant. Dog mom to Leo Franklin Saint Lott. Super morning person who will find vegan donuts in any city. Loves manis and pedis, biking, traveling and watching sports. Loyola University and DePaul University grad. RSE-er since 2020.

  • Jayashri Padmanabhan
    Jayashri Padmanabhan

    Senior Account Coordinator

    Bay Area transplant and UCD grad. Caffeine-free, lover of carbs who cannot live without her phone. Will never go by a nickname. Also a former Michigander, she’s into celeb gossip and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. RSE-er since 2019.

  • Jessica Schmitz
    Jessica Schmitz

    Media Supervisor

    SLO alum who plans to master the Fallen Angel yoga pose. Master planner and excellent back scratcher. Pirate’s booty and alpaca obsessed. Professional wrangler of two boys who can’t live without coffee and wine. Returning RSE-er since 2020.

  • Jessica Sorensen
    Jessica Sorensen


    Cat lover who may become a dog parent in the near future. Night owl and proud CSU Chico grad. Home renovation expert currently restoring her 120 YO house. Spent time at a cat rescue hand feeding big cats like lions and tigers (no bears, oh my!). RSE-er since 2019.

  • Jillian Rice
    Jillian Rice

    Account Supervisor

    This Bakersfield native is a fan of nature, holistic remedies, and all things Sci/Fi. A lover of camping, hopes to one day see the northern lights and also start a podcast of her own. RSE-er since 2019.

  • Joey Gray
    Joey Gray

    Account Manager

    This former Aggie is the ultimate gift giver who one day wants to ski in the Swiss Alps. He enjoys going to rock concerts and sporting events rooting on the Kings. Plays the bass guitar and is mildly obsessed with Del Taco and Henry Bosch books. RSE-er since 2017.

  • Jonathan Bolivar
    Jonathan Bolivar

    Digital Director

    A transplant from Los Alamos, NM who loves New Mexican green chilies. Spends his time growing grapes, making wine and taking care of his 6 chickens. A lover of USC football and waking up early. RSE-er since 2015.

  • Kari McKinney
    Kari McKinney

    Senior Art Director
    Often seen hanging around Harriet’s candy bowl. RSE’s original vegetarian never travels without her pillow. Ask to hear her squeaky eye. RSE-er since 2015.

  • Kelley Kent
    Kelley Kent

    Media Director

    Master media planner, just needs a budget. Directs the department. Congenial but fierce on behalf of clients and friends. Born on a boat, and recently empty-nested. An RSE-er since 2009.

  • Kelsey Caldwell
    Kelsey Caldwell

    Account Assistant

    Apple crisp baker and hostess with the mostess. Yearly Mouseketeer and all things Disney. Mother of two. Scrapbooker. CSUC Wildcat. Reality TV lover when she’s not enjoying tea parties with her 4 YO. RSE-er since 2016.

  • Kevin Sheehan
    Kevin Sheehan

    Accounting Manager

    Knows the system back, forth, up and down. Great memory. Former burner. Live music lover. Calm. Quiet. Go-to for all things numbers-related. RSE-er since 1999.

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    Lana Phillips
  • Laura Berruezo
    Laura Berruezo

    Senior Art Director

    Sac State grad who likes to sew. Obsessed with all things Italian. Shoe collector. Vespa owner. RSE-er since 2012.

  • Leata Sedlacek
    Leata Sedlacek

    Media Planner/Buyer

    Guac expert. Dog person. Devoted Samsung user. When not practicing her steak cooking skills, you’ll find this media planner on the slopes or in the nearest karaoke bar. Mom to two boys and proud native Washingtonian. RSE-er since 2021.

  • Lisa Chase
    Lisa Chase

    Account Supervisor

    Avid runner and yogi who aspires to live a zero-waste lifestyle. Creative brief crafter by day and toy picker-upper by night. Needs chocolate, books and family to function. Could she BE any more into Friends? RSE-er since 2021.

  • Maria Manzur
    Maria Manzur

    Account Manager

    Born and raised in the Sunshine State and FIU grad who’s perfected the art of lasagna. Bulldogs, craft beer watching football (PHINS UP!) are a few of her favorite things. When she’s not on the lookout for cute dogs, she’s volunteering at community events. RSE-er since 2018.

  • Maria Perez
    Maria Perez

    Traffic Coordinator

    A dark chocolate lover from Chicago, IL. Avid cellphone TV watcher and dedicated swim team mom. Dreams of visiting the pyramids in Mexico City and Paris. RSE-er since 2015.

  • Mariana Baserga
    Mariana Baserga

    Account Supervisor

    Her beautiful soul continues to shine on through all the memories we share. Bilingual pinballer who loved to travel, dirty martinis and BBQ ribs. Biker chick and UC Riverside grad who excelled at karaoke and quoting The Sound of Music. RSE-er from 2014-2019, forever in our hearts.

  • Matt Welborn
    Matt Welborn


    RSE’s resident southerner, this Creative Circus graduate never misses an opportunity to discuss his beloved Carolina Panther’s playoff chances. Avid potter and Pearl Jam fan. Dreams of starting a pirate radio station. RSE-er since 2019.

  • Matt Z'berg
    Matt Z'berg

    Public Relations / Media Relations Specialist

    Pitching machine. Tennis player. Dreidel master. Sacramento royalty. Well dressed and well connected. Always keeps that California cool. Doesn’t recognize the word “no.” RSE-er since 2005.

  • Molly Harcos
    Molly Harcos

    Managing Supervisor

    Full of sass. Mother of three. Loves to cook. Whips up something new every week. Stylish shopper. Good hair. Lady that lunches. RSE-er since 1998.

  • Montana Strohl-Roy
    Montana Strohl-Roy

    Junior Copywriter

    NC roots. NorCal nourished. Right-brained with an MS in Advertising. Musical lover. Donut craver. Cat whisperer. When not upping her tagline game or Halloween costume lineup, she’s probably snuggling her feline sons. RSE-er since 2021.

  • Morelle Ellison
    Morelle Ellison

    Senior Digital Buyer/Planner

    Originally from the Bay area and former SDSU Aztec. Sewing master and expert Yogi. Frequent farmer’s market goer, lover of gummy bears and mildly obsessed with all music and puppies. RSE-er since 2017.

  • Morgan Hong
    Morgan Hong

    Media Coordinator

    Sacramento native who loves her city but loves collecting stamps in her passport even more. Woodworker, waterbender and workout enthusiast. Don’t be surprised if she wins the Great American Baking show someday. RSE-er since 2021.

  • Olivia Abdin
    Olivia Abdin

    Senior Account Coordinator

    Sacramento native with a dash of Spartan Up spiceSJSU grad and star baker who loves to exercise. This sauce detective guesses the ingredients of any dressing or dip with just taste. Puppy and pineapple obsessed. RSEer since 2021.

  • Paul McClure
    Paul McClure

    Principal – Advertising Director

    Paul McClure is one of those rare advertising professionals with experience on both sides of the conference table. He started his career with some of the largest advertising firms on the West Coast, then flipped to the client side and spent three years with Bally’s Total Fitness. Eventually he rose to become vice president and co-owner of Glass McClure Advertising in Sacramento. Fortunately for us, Paul brought his expertise to RSE in April of 2010.

    Currently, Paul spends time out of the office as vice chair for WIND Youth Services and a charter board member of the Positive Coaching Alliance. He has also served on the boards and committees of several other organizations. As if that isn’t enough, Paul is also an avid cycler—in fact, that may be the only time he actually sits down.

  • Phil Milton
    Phil Milton

    Administrative Assistant

    Mayor. Agency-wide surrogate father. Soft spot for bulldogs and BBQ. Family man. Jane’s handyman. Storyteller. Driver of the RSE work whip. Loves the coast but you won’t catch him in the water. RSE-er since 1996.

  • Rachel Benn
    Rachel Benn

    Account Coordinator

    The best passerby to ask for a phone photo when exploring a new city. This LA local is all about sustainability, savory snacks, and that new book smell. Point person for dinosaur facts and vegan recipes. RSE-er since 2021.

  • Rachel Ruddick
    Rachel Ruddick

    Junior Art Director

    Part artist, part wine company owner, this Mendocino born coffee addict enjoys getting the most out of her ClassPass and traveling to new places. Fully obsessed with her sister’s Corgi/Spaniel mix. RSE-er since 2019.

  • Raymond Reed
    Raymond Reed

    Staff Accounting

    Sacramento transplant and walnut farmer. Our self-proclaimed juggling genius and fantasy football professional. Goal is to visit every MLB park. RSE-er since 2016.

  • Salvador Cruz
    Salvador Cruz

    Account Manager

    Transplant from bea-utiful Bakersfield. Internet detective, music festival attendee, motorcycle rider and grilled foie gras obsessed. If free two-day shipping isn’t available, he may as well forget it. Future comedian. RSE-er since 2019.

  • Sandy Nelson
    Sandy Nelson

    Senior Graphic Designer

    Sunshine-spreader, art director, lover of color, order and convertibles. Just the person you’d want to see in a deserted alley late at night. RSE-er since 2000.

  • Sean Arnston
    Sean Arnston


    Video guy with a knack for piloting drones and devouring baby back ribs. Obsessed with sports, gummy bears (but never gummy worms) and Netflix. His lifelong ambition is to win “So You Think You Can Dance.” What can we say, the guy’s got talent. RSE-er since 2016.

  • Shanti Fitzpatrick
    Shanti Fitzpatrick

    Accounting Specialist

    Seasoned RSE veteran. Avid traveler. Dedicated Kings and 49ers fan. Social butterfly with a camera. Candy stasher. RSE-er since 1985.

  • Steve Fong
    Steve Fong

    Creative Director

    Creative director. Happy-hour instigator. Sometimes suffers from phantom hair syndrome. Up for anything, particularly when it involves a taco stand. RSE-er since 2012.

  • Susan Bringas
    Susan Bringas

    Managing Supervisor

    Kickboxer, swimmer and spicy food fiend. LA local, USC grad and Clippers fan. Hot sauce addict, experienced juror and aspiring marathon runner. Can’t cook, can clean. RSE-er since 2014.

  • Tina Tafoya
    Tina Tafoya

    Production Director

    Not allowed to leave. Ever. Again. Institutional knowledge and a dry sense of humor. Chipotle lover, fiesta maker, production manager. RSE-er since 1987 and 1994.

  • Vicki Mattocks
    Vicki Mattocks

    Senior Media Buyer

    Charmer and master negotiator. Daily walker. Deal hunter. Animal lover. Fan of cooking and photographing the results. Tells it like it is. RSE-er since 2004.

  • Vicky Lelash
    Vicky Lelash

    Managing Director, Southern California

    RSE So Cal’s fearless leader. Sharp negotiator, audio book worm and 80’s ballad lover with an affinity for unusual classes and public health. Birthday cake baker and mother of three boys. RSE-er since 2014.

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    Will Oller
  • Wriaunna Brown
    Wriaunna Brown

    Marketing Account Coordinator

    Sensational Amazon shopper, dog whisperer and super Eagles fan. An introverted extrovert by nature who frequents Las Vegas each year. CSU East Bay grad and media professional with a dream of owning a doggy day care. RSE-er since 2020.