I Can Afford College

The icanaffordcollege.com website is a powerful tool capable of transforming lives and helping Californians achieve their dreams. On the website, current and future students can receive the information they need to apply for financial aid to help pay for fees, books, supplies and sometimes rent. To promote this valuable resource, The California Community Colleges tasked RSE with creating awareness to icanaffordcollege.com and to reach out to teens, youth, re-entry students and influencers throughout the state.

To accomplish this, RSE created different music and visual styles and presented them to our core audiences. The findings were unanimous and reinforced our choice to move forward with a “funk” music style and “electronics” visual style.

To create this visual motif, which includes magic, illusions, Vines, special effects and more, we partnered with social media star Zach King and his production team in Los Angeles. Zach has an audience of 3.7 million Vine followers, 2.3 million Facebook fans, and 94k Twitter followers who helped spread the message across the internet to our audience.