The Interns

While the work often gets all of the attention, we at RSE know that the true value of our agency is in the people that make it run. Through our regular series of interviews, we hope to introduce you to the women and men behind the billboards and press releases. In honor of that great summertime tradition, this RS&E-ers entry focuses on the oh-so-important and endlessly beloved staff members…


Names: (clockwise from top left)

Kerry Ho – Media Intern

Greg Ringholm – Media Intern

Max Connor – Creative Intern

Ryan Affleck – Client Services Intern


What WE think your title should be:

Kat for Ryan: The Second Best Intern Ever

Steve for Kerry: Ryan

Dean for Greg: Utility Intern

Greg (Ries) for Greg (Ringholm): YG

Emily for (You Decide Which is Which): Brains, Brawn, Beauty and Business

Vikki for Max: Max with an X



Kerry: Recent UC Davis graduate, majored in Economics and International Relations, minored in Spanish.

Ryan: Creative advertisement enthusiast who went to school to study communications and sociology; equipped with wits and a background in children’s imagination.

Greg: I’m a UC Davis College student; I went to high school in Granite Bay where I played football and baseball. I also dabble in outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and basically anything outdoors or sports related.

Max: UC Davis undergraduate studies in Design and Communications.


Years at RSE:

Kerry: 10 months!

Ryan: 1/8

Greg: Approximately 7 days

Max: 1 month


Accounts you work on:

Kerry: Various accounts, but I mainly work on JACO.

Ryan: I dip my fingers into a number of accounts but mainly CA State Fair, JACO, CalMHSA and Goodwill.

Greg: Basically anything Beth tells me to work on. (smart answer)

Max: Consolidated Communications Inc as well as the Asian Community Center.


What was your first account/assignment at RSE:

Kerry: AEP OH insertion order (according to an email sent from Beth) =)

Greg: I ran a report for the Department of Boating and Waterways and organized a spreadsheet using various colors (the colors were my added touch).

Max: My first assignment was helping out with a project for the rebranding of Surewest into CCI (Consolidated Communications Incorporated).


First thing you notice about people:

Kerry: First, I notice their smile and if they don’t have one, then it’s their handshake.

Ryan: Their hair.

Greg: If they are happy or not; I have an ability for bringing out smiles and positivity in others.

Max: How they shake my hand. Everyone has their own style.


What is on your mouse pad?

Kerry: SQAD Media Calendar. (pro move)

Ryan: A lovely Drexel University logo.

Max: I don’t have one.


Craziest/coolest thing you’ve ever done for a client:

Ryan: A couple wanted to get “married” at the State Fair so they called on Don G, a radio host to do the honors. I was privileged enough to go out to the Fair and witness the spectacular event in front of a group of TV and radio personnel, all of which were recording the historic event! It was a site to see, especially the funnel wedding cake that had a blue and pink bear cake topper.

Greg: During my second meeting a client asked me to flip over his business card to observe the picture on the back. (ummm… we’ll need to get you some more client experience)


If money and time weren’t an issue, what passion would you pursue?

Kerry: I would travel the world as a professional food taster/critic. Or I would be an architect. (I completely agree!)

Ryan: Be the next Anthony Bourdain, and travel the world to eat and drink.

Greg: Either coaching or teaching at the high school level.

Max: Traveling.


Where do you call home?

Kerry: San Francisco. Fog never grows old.

Ryan: Home is the city of Santa Rosa.

Greg: Home currently is Roseville, but I grew up in Granite Bay. However, they are neighboring cities so home is basically that general area. It’s primarily the people I’m with that make any place feel like home.

Max: The house that I grew up in: Aptos, California.


What is the farthest you’ve been from home?

Kerry: China/Europe

Ryan: Tanzania… not Tasmania.

Greg: The farthest I’ve lived away from home is Davis, however, I want to travel it’s just a factor of that whole money thing.

Max: Australia, my dad is Australian so I get to go down under to visit his side of the family!


What is your favorite aspect of “agency life?

Kerry: The wonderful people who make the agency feel like a second home.

Ryan: Birthdays!!

Greg: My co-workers! And the view of the river.

Max: Being around professionals and the opportunities to learn from them. (I’m impressed)


I heart ________________

Kerry: coffee, scarves, geometric shapes, autumn, brunch, Tahoe.

Ryan: food, dogs, sarcasm and sunrises. (apparently you hate snow and Tahoe, intern outcast)

Greg: a nice steak, my dog, my family and a quality night in Tahoe.

Max: a powder day.


What is the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?

Kerry: In college, I dressed as a flapper for Halloween. The single accessory I chose to wear was a feather headband and as a result, most people concluded that I was Pocahontas. It was great because no one else had two identities that night.

Ryan: Being that Halloween is my favorite holiday I have a top 3: the Engergizer Bunny (playing the bass drum never got old), Jack in the Box (even made the head), and a Girl Scout (mmmm Thin Mints).

Greg: It is a tie between my middle school costume of being a ghost (bed sheet and all) or my ninja turtle costume from a few Halloweens back.

Max: A 70’s disco outfit with my dad’s old green bell bottoms and vest.


Where do you get your news?

Kerry: NPR, Times, BBC, Yahoo

Ryan: The Daily Show, but my primary source is Yahoo News, I flip through every time I check my email.

Greg: I typically receive my news from Yahoo! Or CNN. I also watch the Daily Show and Colbert Report which while making jokes out of most stories, reference the news topics in which I later reference.

Max: On the streets, that’s where the best beats are.


You have a 10 minute speech to give at a high school. What is it about?

Kerry: Less dreaming and more doing.

Ryan: “You are you… so be you!”

Greg: I would caution them not to worry so much about other’s view of themselves and to pursue what makes them happy.

Max: The importance of putting yourself out there! So far out that when you look around, everything looks different.


What is the last movie that made you cry?

Kerry: Toy Story 3

Ryan: Where the Wild Things Are

Greg: Marley and Me, I never should have watched the ending…

Max: Step Brothers, the only movie that can make me laugh so hard that I cry.


One brand you can’t live without.

Kerry: Trader Joe’s

Ryan: Nabisco… they make milk’s favorite cookie!

Greg: Nike

Max: I like Apple, RedBull and Nike, in that order.


Who inspires you?

Kerry: The parentals.

Ryan: Anyone who has passion to do what they love.

Greg: My family and those close to me.

Max: My mom and dad.


What is your proudest moment?

Kerry: Traveling alone in Europe.

Ryan: Becoming a father! Just kidding I am too young for that.

Greg: My proudest moment will be standing by my brother’s side as his best man in his wedding coming up in October. (aaawwwwww)

Max: When my dad gave me the keys to the big old red Yukon XL and said, “you deserve it kid”.


Never have I ever _______________ (or have you?)

Kerry: Pulled an all-nighter. (how did you survive college without one!?)

Ryan: I could have, I might of, I possibly did. However it is classified information, and we will have to meet at a discreet park bench to discuss such things.

Greg: I have never eaten a cantaloupe, yet I maintain the position that I do not like them from trying one in the past.

Max: Never have I ever blamed something on my sister.


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