We Believe Each Mind Matters

Speaking as a member of RSE’s Social Marketing department, we get to work on some very cool and innovative campaigns. Right now, our offices are covered in lime green, our inboxes filled with invitations to Mental Health Awareness Month events, and we’re “liking” photos of elected officials and Hollywood A-listers who are sporting lime green.

For 18 months, we’ve been researching, planning and collaborating with stakeholders to determine and implement a statewide social marketing campaign aimed at reducing stigma associated with mental illness. Since the end of 2012, we’ve been in the midst of launching more than 20 stigma and discrimination reduction activities, with many more to come. Just a few of the projects that have launched, are launching or will launch soon, include: a documentary produced by KVIE that will be broadcast statewide on 12 PBS stations; two community grant programs; an interactive website for elementary school students; two statewide media campaigns; a faith-based outreach program; Latino family wellness forums; and robust social media campaigns.

In addition to all of these exciting new programs, we’ve also been on the frontlines of developing a message to unite Californians to stand up against stigma – Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement.  Each Mind Matters serves as a unifying message for organizations, health systems and millions of Californians working together to serve minds and bodies. The national mental health awareness effort recently introduced lime green, PMS 375 to be exact, which has also been adopted as the official color for the Each Mind Matters effort. This vibrant color is symbolic of life and flourishing health and represents the efforts to overcome stereotypes and stigma associated with mental illness.

It’s no accident that Each Mind Matters was launched in May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month. Since its rollout, we’ve introduced the Each Mind Matters message to First Lady Rosalynn Carter, members of Congress and mental health advocates around the state. And, let’s not forget that lime green has snuck its way into our personal Facebook photos and wardrobes!

We believe that each mind matters…do you? Join Each Mind Matters by taking a pledge to stand up against stigma; visit www.EachMindMatters.org. Or, tune in to your local PBS station on May 30 to view the documentary (narrated by Glenn Close!), A New State of Mind: Ending the Stigma of Mental Illness. 


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