The newest addition to our art museum/workplace arrives with a story and proves the magic of coincidence.

Now going by “Dottie” or “Dot,” this 6’3” concrete sculpture, dressed in a blue polka dot bathing suit and standing on a ceramic beach ball, is the creation of Davis artist Cindy Wilson and her “Beach Girls” series. It originally caught Estelle’s eye during a KVIE preview party leading up to the station’s annual benefit art auction. Unfortunately, however, she was outbid.

No problem though. A few days earlier, Estelle had seen another sculpture from the “Beach Girls” series on display at Sacramento’s Archival Framing and Gallery on Folsom Boulevard. This one was also standing on a beach ball but was wearing a yellow bathing suit and sporting a black inner tube around her waist. So Estelle bought it and made arrangements for its delivery to the agency the next day.

Later that night, however, the gallery owner called her to say the winner of the art auction competition had just seen the gal with the inner tube and wanted to know if there was interest in a trade. To make a long story short, gallery owner D. Neath brokered the swap and buyer’s remorse turned into a classic win-win.

The naming contest was a great next step. If you were keeping score last week, of the 29 entries submitted four RSE’ers suggested Dottie or Dot: Tiffany, Jeanine, Koula and Kathy Brady.

Estelle thought Dot was spot on, and the creativity has won them a well deserved lunch on Estelle.

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