SPRA Lifetime Achievement

“I just want you all to know: I’m not old,” said Jane Einhorn upon receiving the SPRA Lifetime Achievement Award at the 27th Annual Cappies Awards. Despite her reservations about being far too young to receive a lifetime achievement award, Jane proceeded to “take one for the team” and accept the award amid a standing ovation from Sacramento’s public relations professionals. She did warn the audience that she intended to receive the award again in 20 years, when she believed she would finally be the appropriate age.

Jane with husband Jeff and son Michael

The award honors a person of immediate and specific excellence with at least ten years’ involvement in the region’s public relations profession. The lifetime achievement award recognized Jane’s significant contributions to the public relations field and honored her extensive investment in the community.

Jane captivated the audience with a brilliant acceptance speech comprised of equal parts gratitude, humor and wisdom with a dash of good-spirited self-deprecation. She extolled the benefits of surrounding oneself with talented people, developing a diverse set of skills, and learning how to delegate.


But most of all, she encouraged the audience to stay in the race, get involved in the community, and weather the bad days by just continuing to show up every day.

We’re already looking forward to Jane’s next acceptance speech at the 2034 Cappies Awards. Mark your calendars, because with Jane’s signature blend of grit, wit and tenacity, you’d be mistaken to doubt her.

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