Join us for #Jeanitude

To say Jean Runyon was just an inspiration, would be a tremendous understatement. And it’s not because she started the first woman owned public relations agency in the nation. It’s also not because she was simply a joy to be around. It’s because some of her most important work was done outside of the agency. Yes, her talent and love for public relations was unprecedented. But giving back to our community is what really made her tick. Whether it was buying an entire stock of hand-made bracelets from a struggling street vendor in order to help the person out, or spreading joy on Halloween by heaving candy at kids from her roof – Jean was always finding unique ways to give back to the community.

Jean had a tremendous thirst for life and a hunger for helping people. And to this day, we’re still inspired by everything she did. Which is why we’ve created #Jeanitude: an annual commitment to charitable giving and community involvement inspired by Jean’s generosity. Each year on Jean’s birthday, we will close our office and RSE’s entire staff will participate in a full day of service. This year, we have chosen the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services as the #Jeanitude recipient. The best part? Everyone is invited to help!

Our food drive is going through March 3 and our day of service will be on Monday, March 6. If you’d like to learn more go here.

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