Meet the #SSE Series

Let’s go back to school where you can miss half your classes and chant your school’s real alma mater at football games, “C’s get degrees!” Yes, here at RSE we like to relive the glory days, but we aren’t cutting class this time. Now we are the professors. As experts in media, accounting, advertising, public relations, social media, digital media and creative, we like to share our ideas and insights to spark creativity and keep our agency ahead of the curve. We call this new school the Saltzman School of Excellence, in honor of our co-founder Estelle, and now we are bringing it to you!

Every two weeks you can get the same insights from our in-house trainings right here on our blog. So grab a seat, pull out your favorite pencil, and keep an apple on your desk because you’re invited to the #SaltzmanSchool.

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