#SSE: Evolving Ads on FB and Twitter

We’ve been thinking a lot about social media lately. Not only do clients expect us to stay on the leading edge of trends and changes, but we’re also kind of nerdy about it in general.

At this week’s #SaltzmanSchool session, I provided an update to the team about what different tweaks mean for our core social media strategies. I’ve noticed that as these platforms refine their user interface and content delivery systems, we must translate these alterations to our teams and clients as quickly and completely as possible.

So which changes should we be worried about? I believe the following changes have the biggest impact for advertisers and should be paid attention to.


Facebook Messenger


As advertisers and creators of organic content fight for space in Facebook’s bread-and-butter, the company is developing methods of delivering paid content to users outside of the traditional scrolling News Feed.

In steps Messenger (and its WhatsApp cousin), Facebook’s shiniest new vehicles for business page ads and content delivery.

Advertisers can now utilize messenger ads that will be found on the home Messenger tab and direct users to a destination of the advertiser’s choice. They can also implement Click to Messenger ads. These ads will drive users to begin conversations with brand pages. These conversations are often automated, as many companies are moving toward messenger bots as a means to deliver content in real time with opening rates that vastly outperform email marketing campaigns. Finally, sponsored messages are tailored to users that have already engaged with a brand using Messenger, allowing the advertiser to re-engage them with news or the latest offers and services.

In addition, Facebook is also beta-testing ads for Marketplace, its hub where users buy, sell and trade items (like Craigslist). We suspect that Marketplace ads – where users are already in a browse or purchase mindset – will provide an edge to retail advertisers in certain industry segments.


Twitter graphic


If you’re reading the industry news like we are, you know Twitter has been struggling the past couple of years months. Their latest earnings report seems to confirm what many have suspected: very few (if any) new users are signing up for the platform.

However, many reports have declared Twitter dead in the past, particularly after switching from a chronological to an algorithmic news feed, only to be proven wrong. In addition, utilizing Twitter Ads can be cumbersome and time-consuming for advertisers. To retain the users that have stuck with it, Twitter has expanded its Twitter Ads advertising platform to include a new feature: subscriptions.

According to invites sent to select companies and individuals, the new Twitter Ads program automatically “amplifies your Tweets and profile for $99 a month.” Subscribers then tweet as they traditionally would, and Twitter automatically chooses which tweets to promote based on interest and location. Even users who don’t follow you will see these promoted tweets, and these subscribers’ accounts will be promoted as suggested accounts to Twitter users.

That’s it for today, as the social media advertising industry will continue to evolve! We plan to stay in the know on these changes and how they will impact our work.



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