Superheroes in Heels

Were you wondering why hundreds of men were struttin’ their stuff in high heels through the streets of downtown Sacramento? On Saturday, May 6, WEAVE hosted their annual Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event to raise awareness about the causes and effects of sexual assault. Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is a playful opportunity for men and women to bring attention to the issue of sexual assault in Sacramento and raise money in support of WEAVE, the primary provider of crisis intervention services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault in Sacramento County.  Through a multi-disciplinary effort with Sacramento County, law enforcement, the Commercially Sexually Exploited Children Court, Child Protective Services, and the District Attorney’s Office, WEAVE also provides 24/7 response, outreach, and services for victims of sex trafficking.

RSE staff wore some fabulous heels during the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event! Continuing with RSE’s costume tradition, staff dressed up as superheroes for this year’s walk, sporting superhero capes and face masks! Check out this video of RSE in action.


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