WOW Committee Returns

New Year, new goals, new me. That’s the mindset many fight to have when the calendar adds one more year. Although those goals may only last a week or a month, one thing you can count on is that your loyal friend, the work week, will surely return with full force for the New Year. So why not make the most of the hours spent at your workplace and develop some goals that will actually last the year? And healthy goals are easier to attain with a support system. That is why RSE created the Working On Wellness Committee (WOW) so employees can work toward healthy habits together.

The WOW committee plans monthly challenges that encourage physical, food and mental wellness in the workplace – as well as some healthy competition! In February, Stacie Lewis won the Soupa Soup Challenge – a soup cook-off with a catch – three super foods had to be included in the soup. Beyond challenges, the WOW committee shares delicious and healthy recipes to help encourage better eating habits. Often, a lack of knowledge is our greatest enemy, so the WOW committee provides fitness and food tips, the latest trends and popular wellness apps to check out. It’s all conveniently packaged into one monthly newsletter sent out to our entire team. What a wonderful way to start the New Year, Working together On Wellness.

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