#Jeanitude 2019

If you ask most people at Runyon Saltzman, Inc. what #JEANITUDE means, you’ll likely get a crash course in charitable giving and community involvement, particularly if it’s around March 6, the birthday of Jean Runyon, the company’s founder.

This year, for example, some 50 staffers at all levels (including the brass) stepped away from work and caravanned to the Sacramento Children’s Home where they dismantled equipment, painted the inside of several buildings and refurbished an overgrown garden.

It was the third year the agency supported a local nonprofit in this way. Previous beneficiaries were the Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (2017) and WEAVE (2018).

Despite the fact she passed away in 2009, Jean is still the inspiration for the agency’s ongoing strong support of local nonprofits every day of every year.

Initially, the idea was to keep her memory alive and to make sure new employees understood what makes Runyon Saltzman tick by having a staff lunch at the office in her honor each March 6. Eventually, the community service project took root.

Throughout her 50 years as a prominent businesswoman, Jean helped raise millions of dollars and devoted an inordinate amount of her personal and company’s time and money to local causes while enriching the fabric of Sacramento. Giving, caring, sharing and a positive attitude was her mantra…her story. And today, #JEANITUDE is an integral component of the Runyon Saltzman brand.

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