• RSE Celebrates 60 Years

    It’s an incredible honor to be celebrating 60 years as an agency. RSE was the first women-run agency in Sacramento. It all started when a woman with a strong personality, contagious spirit, and passion for giving back to her community trailblazed her way through Sacramento. Jean Runyon was a force of nature. She broke glass […]


  • Jeanitude Day 2021

    March 6th would have marked Jean’s 94th Birthday. A passage from Gregory Favre, the retired Executive Editor of The Sacramento Bee, is as poignant today as the day he made the remarks during a celebration of her life. Part of his remembrance of Jean is as follows: When I think of Jean, I remember some […]
  • City of Sacramento COVID Relie...

    The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us all—as individuals, families, business owners, and as a community. When the City of Sacramento came to us to help launch its COVID relief campaign, we hit the ground running. In just 32 days, we went from a freshly signed contract to campaign launch with the goal of making all […]
  • RSE STOCKing Stuffer

    After great deliberation in the agency “workshop,” we decided the best way to spread cheer to all of our closest friends was to give them a useful tool for their holiday advertising needs. The end result? A collection of the jolliest stock photos ever compiled on one cleverly branded website. Visit RSESTOCKingStuffer.com today to see […]
  • Facebook Targeting Changes in ...

    Get up to speed on Facebook’s early 2018 troubles, their impact on social marketing, and how advertisers are changing their strategy.
  • Creative Takeover Tuesday

    Have you been following us on our Creative Takeover today? Want to download some of the inspiration for your own personal use? Well, you’re in luck! We’ve got some fun mobile and desktop wallpapers for your viewing (and using) pleasure. Download them here: Mobile Desktop
  • RSE Celebrates Big Wins on CDP...

    Around here, there is no greater feeling than when hard work pays off. Recently, we have been showered with honors for the 2016 and 2017 creative social marketing work we did on behalf of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) initiative to combat childhood obesity – and we’re excited about it! RSE was the […]
  • Phil's Fridge Memes

    Around here, it’s part of my job to make sure the office is looking good at all times. With 50 employees sharing two fridges, one could imagine the kinds of things that begin to grow if there’s food in the fridge for too long. So as a friendly reminder, and for my own enjoyment, I […]
  • Meet the #SSE Series

    Let’s go back to school where you can miss half your classes and chant your school’s real alma mater at football games, “C’s get degrees!” Yes, here at RSE we like to relive the glory days, but we aren’t cutting class this time. Now we are the professors. As experts in media, accounting, advertising, public […]