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  • City of Sacramento COVID Relie...

    The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us all—as individuals, families, business owners, and as a community. When the City of Sacramento came to us to help launch its COVID relief campaign, we hit the ground running. In just 32 days, we went from a freshly signed contract to campaign launch with the goal of making all […]
  • RSE Celebrates Big Wins on CDP...

    Around here, there is no greater feeling than when hard work pays off. Recently, we have been showered with honors for the 2016 and 2017 creative social marketing work we did on behalf of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) initiative to combat childhood obesity – and we’re excited about it! RSE was the […]
  • Winner Winner, Awards Dinner

    RSE is proud to work with clients who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of the people in the Sacramento area – and beyond! In the last month, at the ADDY Awards and CAPPIE Awards ceremonies, this work has been recognized with some impressive wins! At the ADDY Awards, RSE was awarded […]
  • San Diego Comic Con – one gi...

    When you think of San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), what comes to mind? Superheroes? Rows and rows of comics? Or lines of nerdy people? When I think of SDCC, I think of advertising. With over 150,000 people descending on downtown San Diego for five days, it is the ultimate chance for companies to expand their […]

    If you noticed RSE staff looking really young, you might have seen one of four sessions with the Native Youth of Sacramento (NYS) Leadership Council. Recently, RSE had the opportunity to partner with the Sacramento Native American Health Center (SNAHC) and NYS to create a youth-led social media project. Funded by the Notah Begay III […]
  • Global Winter Wonderland

    Global Winter Wonderland returned for a second year at Cal Expo in Sacramento with an all new theme to celebrate the four seasons. The holiday event features thousands of illuminated lantern displays that transport attendees to a magical land replete with Acrobats on Ice. We were thrilled for the opportunity to partner with Global Winter […]
  • Superbowl Ad Lowdown

    Well, that was a wild Super Bowl, or if the NFL is now scanning blogs, I meant to say “The Big Game”. Like any smart advertising person, I paid more attention to the commercials than Cam Newton did to his fumble. Anyway, in no particular order these are the ones I enjoyed/liked/envied: DORITOS – ULTRASOUND […]
  • I Can Afford College

    The icanaffordcollege.com website is a powerful tool that can transform lives and help Californians achieve their dreams. By visiting the website, current and future students can get the information they need to apply for financial aid to help pay for fees, books, supplies and sometimes rent. RSE created the new video to not only bring […]
  • Meet the RSE Models

    From the conference room to the catwalk, our employees really do it all! We recently strutted our stuff in front of the camera for WEAVE™’s new, recycled-fashion clothing store, TRUE (Totally Recycled Urban Exchange). A few of our employees can be spotted on the TRUE website and even on a segment for News10. Let’s take […]
  • RSE at the ADDY Awards

    RSE was thrilled to receive four ADDY Awards, including Judges’ Choice Award, and we watched proudly as our president Chris Holben…