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  • Facebook Targeting Changes in ...

    Get up to speed on Facebook’s early 2018 troubles, their impact on social marketing, and how advertisers are changing their strategy.
  • #SSE: Evolving Ads on FB and T...

    We’ve been thinking a lot about social media lately. Not only do clients expect us to stay on the leading edge of trends and changes, but we’re also kind of nerdy about it in general. At this week’s #SaltzmanSchool session, I provided an update to the team about what different tweaks mean for our core […]
  • Mobile to Mobile: Digital Nurs...

    I’m at a very exciting time in my life in that I’m about to be a father. And for all the joy and excitement that having a child will no doubt bring – it also comes with many questions not only about baby names and care, but also about what products are the safest and […]
  • RSE at the ADDY Awards

    RSE was thrilled to receive four ADDY Awards, including Judges’ Choice Award, and we watched proudly as our president Chris Holben…
  • The State Fair is Here

    The 2013 State Fair is back for its 160th year of food, family and fun this July 12 through 28. Our agency is hard at work launching our Memories Made Daily campaign, which relies on the reminiscences of real fairgoers to supply the creative fuel for TV, radio and Web ads.

  • An App for Us - TunnelTail

    In a world with an app for everything, the team at RSE helped the educational game TunnelTail rise to the top. RSE provided creative direction and executed an engaging online media campaign complete with traditional, expanding, audio and video banners featuring our game trailer. The result? Over 225,000 downloads in just four months. We’ll take that cheese please.

  • Meet Karla

  • Interested in Pinterest?

    All jokes about its practical purpose aside, a virtual bulletin board system has taken the online world by storm with techies and housewives taking equal interest in this new little social network called Pinterest.

  • Finally! Facebook to roll out ...

    Facebook recently announced that it is rolling out the Timeline layout for brand pages. Organizations who choose to use the new layout can make their page public starting now, with an official roll out on March 30. Today, Facebook allowed administrators of pages to play, edit and tweak their pages into perfection in preparation for the public launch.

    So what does this mean?

  • The Anatomy of a Viral Campaig...

    “Charlie bit my finger…” or Beyonce’s pregnancy announcement, the power of social media can be astounding when a video “goes viral”. How do we mimic this phenomenon for a more commercial purpose without setting off consumers’ highly attuned BS detector?