Erdinger Non-Alcoholic

ERDINGER Weißbräu, the world’s largest wheat beer brewery, entrusted RSE with the U.S. launch of ERDINGER Non-Alcoholic. Popular with high-endurance athletes in Europe and other parts of the world, RSE continued the strategy of positioning ERDINGER Non-Alcoholic as an isotonic sports recovery drink that provides the body with essential vitamins and nutrients.

Working closely with the ERDINGER team in Germany, RSE identified and negotiated sponsorships with marathons, triathlons and other high-profile sporting events throughout California. The RSE team coordinates the display stands, sampling booths and signage along with pouring full-size bottle samples. Because of ERDINGER’s high quality ingredients and superior brewing, people are happily surprised by the refreshing taste and lively carbonation, with the most common refrain “I have never tasted a non-alcoholic beer that tastes this good and is actually good for me.”

The results have been extraordinary. As a direct result of these promotions, several California retailers have stocked ERDINGER Non-Alcoholic and overall sales have increased. With many more events on the horizon and an RSE-orchestrated social media and digital campaign kicking in, the race to be the most successful non-alcoholic beer in the United States is off to a blistering, and thirst quenching, start.


We started the U.S. launch in California because it’s a very active state with a high concentration of athletes. We’re confident ERDINGER Non-Alcoholic will have the same success in the United States that we have seen throughout Europe.
—Marten Kaehler, Manager ERDINGER Non-Alcoholic