First 5 Fresno

Did you know early experiences shape a child’s brain development? Research shows 90% of a child’s brain develops by five. First 5 Fresno County knows that while most parents understand the significance of crawling, walking and talking, they may not realize that some of the frustrating and messy moments they experience with their little ones are also important milestones that should be celebrated, rather than discouraged. We call these the ‘oops’ and ‘oh no’ moments in life, like when your toddler knocks over an entire box of cereal and is filled with glee when a mess is made. These messy moments can be frustrating, but they’re actually learning moments. And parents are the first and most important teachers. This positive parenting campaign encourages parents to focus on the developmental breakthrough, rather than the mess or the annoyance. We launched with a social media thunderclap in August 2017 and the multimedia campaign in English, Spanish and Hmong has been reminding parents to make the most of those “oops” moments ever since.


Thunderclap launch achieved social reach of 272,598 people.