I Can Afford College - Animated

The icanaffordcollege.com website is a powerful financial aid tool that can transform lives and help Californians achieve their college dreams. To create more awareness of this amazing resource, The California Community Colleges tasked RSE with creating communications targeted to teens, youth and re-entry students throughout the state.

Knowing that our target audience typically goes through their day with their own personal soundtrack of songs and music coursing through their earbuds, our creative approach was centered on a musically driven campaign. Our goal was to produce music and lyrics that are encouraging, energetic, informational and above all, catchy. Like stuck-in-your-cerebellum catchy.

We paired the energetic music with scenes on actual community college campuses and infused them with animated elements that illustrated the many ways financial aid can help students in their studies: books, supplies, computers, transportation and even rent.

This integrated campaign featured digital pre-roll on video sites such as YouTube, animated rich-media banners, digital radio on Pandora and good ol’ fashion posters on every community college campus. Each integrated piece drove students to the website where we continued the animated storyline on financial aid.

Turns out money doesn’t grow on trees, it pops up on magical financial aid bushes.