Western Health Advantage

Western Health Advantage maintains that people, not policies, should be a health plan’s top priority. At a time when many people are confused or dissatisfied with the quality and transparency of their health plans, WHA does things the right way for the right reasons. The right ways include being based locally enabling quick decision making, created as a non-profit organization that supports the local community and a health plan founded by doctors with affordable options to help members live full, healthy lives.

This campaign differentiates itself in a marketplace full of warm and fuzzy images by focusing on factual, tangible qualities that differentiate WHA from other health plans. Instead of an over-used stock photo image of a puppy and a kid in a leg cast, this campaign proudly states WHA facts with bold 24-foot high words emblazoned on outdoor boards around the city. Shaking up the status quo, WHA asks the questions consumers need to be answered when it’s time to check the box next to the health plan they trust.